Aggies and Dons vying for third place honors

By Alden Lee

At the close of first half, the San Francisco Dons and the New Mexico Aggies are tied up at 35-35, demonstrating a game that has been back and forth with strong offensive charges as both teams vie for 3rd place honors at the 2011 Shootout.

Aggies sophomore guard Christian Kabongo leads NMSU in scoring with 14 points. Dons senior guard Rashad Green sits at the top of SFU scoresheet with seven points along with three rebounds.

The Dons had the early lead over NMSU which was started by Green’s charging layup within the first 20 seconds. SFU maintained a two-point lead through most of the half. The Aggies proved tenacious with their defense, shutting down several of the Dons’ bigger plays, and was able to tie the score up in the final two minutes of half.

SFU dominated the shooting average with a 62.5 percent conversion rate. The Aggies came up strong on the glass and own a 19-12 advantage on rebounding, while the Dons turned the ball over only four times to NMSU’s six.

The outcome of this match will decide the 3rd and 5th place finishes for the Shootout–at the moment, the game could swing either way.

Check out footage from the first half between the Dons and Aggies:

USF vs NMSU – First Half

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