UNC Asheville surges past Loyola 59-48

November 28th, 2015

UNCA mounted comeback in the second half to beat Loyola by a wide margin.  Their win gives them 3rd place in the Great Alaska Shootout.  UNCA leaves with 5th place.  UNCA’s bench was deep, scoring 25 of their 59 points.  Loyola, on the other hand, only scored 11 from the bench, despite having more active players on their roster.  UNCA won 12 more points than Loyola in the paint.  Their top scorer was Dylan Smith with 17 points, the game high.  No player on Loyola scored in double digits.  Halfway through the first, Loyola had a 9 point lead, but they blew it and eventually went down 14 points.  UNCA shot terribly from 3, they were just 2-13.  Richardson of the Bulldogs shined in their previous game against Toledo, but today he only put up 5 points, which he shot 50% to get, despite playing 21 minutes.

UNCA takes home 3rd place in the Great Alaska Shootout. Loyola gets 5th.

The Spartans defeat the Seawolves 91-87

November 28th, 2015

The Spartans secured 4th place in the 2015 GCI Great Alaska Shootout.  Frank Rogers of SJSU had an outstanding game.  He scored 32 points and had 12 rebounds.  Rogers made 14-18 shots and was 3-4 from 3 point range.  Pelage had 17 points and James had 10.  Overall, SJSU shot 58% accuracy compared to UAA’s 48%.  Both teams took 59 shots.

UAA lost this game because of rebounds.  SJSU had 40 rebounds compared to UAA’s 26.  SJSU also had a deeper bench.  Suki Wiggs of UAA lead his team with 30 points and 7 rebounds.  Svejcar was 4-5 from the arc and contributed 19 points.  Mitchell had 13 and Peterson had 10.  Neither team lead by more than 8 points at any time.

SJSU takes home 4th place in the Great Alaska Shootout.  UAA is the the consolation bracket runner up, taking 6th place overall.

San Diego gives the Dragons the horns, USD wins 62-59

November 28th, 2015

San Diego had the edge the entire game.  Drexel put up 59 shots out of desperation, only making 17 for an overall percentage of 29%.  In contrast, San Diego shot 44%, making 18 out of 41.  The game was close despite the Dragons’ inaccuracy due to the pure volume of shots.  Both teams shot well from the free throw line, Drezel shot 74% and USD shot 79%.

Drexel saw their last lead at 16:40 in the 1st.  Despite this they trailed by less than 2 possessions for the fast majority of the game.  Mojica scored most of the Dragons’ points, though he only made 4-15 buckets and 5-9 free throws.  If he were a better shooter, the Dragons may have beat the Toreros.

Harris was the top scorer for the Toreros, bringing them 14 points.  He made 5-12 shots and earned 3pts in free throws.  The Toreros saw their largest lead early in the second when they led by 8 points.  They wouldn’t lead by more than 2 possessions again, but they managed to hold of the Dragons.

San Diego will fly home 1-2 in the shootout, taking the 7th place title out of 8.  Drexel will fly home winless in last.

Middle Tennesse beats UNCA

November 28th, 2015

Last night, Middle Tennessee held off a late comeback by UNCA.  Middle Tennessee blew an early 19 point lead  to finish  ahead of UNCA 37-25, and that lead only dwindled even more.  UNCA mounted a huge comeback, coming within one bucket of taking the lead, but Middle Tennessee was able to hold them off.  UNCA’s last lead Middle Tennessee at 18:59 in the first, and didn’t lead for the rest of the game.

Both teams played balanced games, but UNCA just shot more inaccurately than Middle Tennessee, and sometimes, that’s what it comes down to.

Middle Tennessee advances to the 2015 GCI Great Alaska Shootout championship. UNCA will battle Loyola for 3rd/5th place.

The Rockets burn the Ramblers, 82-74

November 27th, 2015

The Toledo Rockets will head to the 2015 GCI Great Alaska Shootout championship.  The Rockets’ starters played a great game, all scoring more than 10 points each.  Mostly got the player of the game with 18 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 assists.  Boothe put up 12 points with 6 rebounds and 7 assists.  Williams was their top scorer with 20 points.  Navigate and Sanford both scored in double digits.  23 of the Rockets’ points game from free throws, which they shot an impressive 92%.  Their largest lead came at the 4 minute mark in the 2nd period where they led by 14.

As for Loyola, Richardson had a very impressive game.  Richardson shot 6-7 from 3 point range.  His other bucket was a drive through the lane which he was fouled on, then continued to sink the free throw.  With little more than a minute remaining, he fouled out.  He had 21 points total, the game’s highest.  Doyle, Turk, and Peterson also scored in double digits for the Ramblers.  Loyola saw it’s last lead of the game late in the 1st period, they only led by 2.

The Rockets will advance to the championship and play the winner of the Middle Tennessee vs. UNC Asheville game. Loyola will play the runner up to compete for 3rd/5th place.

Seawolves Slay the Dragons, 71-65

November 27th, 2015

In a physically exhausting battle, the Seawolves outplayed the Dragons, and they have one man to thank.  This time, they can thank more than just Suki Wiggs.  Hammell had an outstanding performance, scoring 14 and bringing in 12 rebounds.  Leckband scored 11, but more impressively took 4 charges.  Wiggs scored 33, 2 points less than yesterday against Middle Tennessee.   Overall Wiggs didn’t shoot very accurately, but when you put up 27 shots, some (11 actually) are bound to go in.  Wiggs was 4-7 from the free throw line.

The game was incredibly heated, at one point, UAA coach Rusty Osborn received a technical after reacting to some controversial officiating.  Drexel committed far more fouls than UAA and had a terrible free throw percentage, making only half their shots.  Of Drexel’s 27 fouls, Williams and London both fouled out, 2 players had 4 each, and 3 players had 3 each. Drexel’s players were very balanced.  Mojica scored 20 and assisted 6, Williams had 10 rebounds and 9 points, and Allen had 16 points with 8 rebounds.

In the end, Drexel was just worn down, although they were contenders even halfway into the 2nd.  Drexel will go on to play San Diego to compete for 7th and 8th place in the consolation.  UAA will advance to the consolation final game, to compete for 4th and 6th place.